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Islam website in Japan : the biggest & helpful Islam website in Japan
Egyptian Night : Japanese Muslima, MONA's cute Egyptian store & Islam
Ica's Home Page from Indonesia : Japanese Muslima, Ica's Islamic store & information
Islam Shogi Association : Crazy about board game? visit here!
Al-Jazeera : Arabic News Broadcasts. Now it's famous! *for translation


Sanggar Bahasa Indonesia
Agung & Nisa's Homepage : Indonesian & Japanese happy happy couple's cute sweet Home.
Tomodachi INDONESIA : Come & Join this friendly BBS. Find your Indonesian & Japanese friends.
Republika Online : Indonesian Daily News Paper
indonesian music : you can find/buy Indonesian POP music. I got " titi DJ " here!
Indonesian Culture Plaza : Indonesian cultural information site. produced by GAMMA's Tokyo bureau.
TUFS: my Alma Mater :)

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OTD BBS : guest book
21style : diary
Bravenet.com : counter...and they provide many FREE Web services!
150m.com : THANKS to this Free web space!

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