- Pencak Silat -

What is Pencak Silat?

 It' s an Indonesian Martial Art!
Pencak Silat has a history of 1,000 years and originated in Indonesia. Basically we fight in hand-to-hand combat, but we also use weapons, such as Indonesian dagger or bamboo stick.
 In 1948, the Indonesian government organized " Indonesia Pencak Silat Institute (IPSI)" for disseminating as traditional culture of Indonesia. IPSI streamlined the style of Pencak Silat so that everyone in the world may compete under the same rule.
 Now, Pencak Silat has 4 groups.

1. Sports : Fighting in hand-to-hand and kicking.
To develop moral strength and to build strong body.
2.Forms : Dancing with Indonesian dagger to traditional Indonesian music.
To improve softness and agility.
3. Self Defense : Learning the skills to defend yourself.
4. Mental Spiritual : Improving the concentration level.

In 1980, "International Pencak Silat Confederation (PERSILAT)" was founded. PERSILAT hosts the World Championship. Present members are ;

Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Philippine, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Surinam, Belgium, Palestine, U.S.A., U.K., Austria, Morocco, Turkey, France, Canada, Japan, Swiss, Denmark, Norway...(27)

Pencak Silat in Japan.

"Japan Pencak Silat Association (JAPSA)" was founded in 1996. National team participated in the World Champion Ship 1997(Kuala lumpur) / 2000 (Jakarta) .

<History of JAPSA>
When What Where Performance/Result
2002 14th Asian Games Busan 2002
(as Sport Cultural Event)
Busan Gold in Male class A
Bronze in Male class D
Silver in Male class E
Silver in Female class A
Bronze in Male Tunggal
2001 Jungle Festival Tokyo  
2000 Champion Ship Jakarta Bronze in Female class B
1999 100th Anniversary of Opening port Shimizu  
1998 South East Asian Festival Tokyo  
1997 World Champion Ship Kuala Lumpur  
1996 Founded!    

Wanna join? Mau ikut?

Where and When?   Di Balai Indonesia
(Sekolah Republik Indonesia di Tokyo)
Senin / Kamis 19:00-21:00, Sabtu 20:00-22:00
Who teach me? Mr. Soesilo
(Chief, Specialist of Sports group)

Mr. Yuri Purwanto
(Specialist of Mental Spiritual & Self Defense)

Pak Soesilo ( Perse Diri )

Pak Yuri Purwanto ( Merpati Putih )

How can I join? Feel free to come and join us! Coba ikut aja, dong!

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